Every Event an unique idea.

There are a lot of Events, even more agencies and more run-of-the-mill ideas than numbers could express. It is time for something New, Unseen and Fantastical. This is live. This is real. This is Events by REICHEL.

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The Founders

Creative Heads, One Mission: Your Event.

For everyone in search of the unique and in love with the exceptional, the team around Soenke Keller, Jochen Reichel and Sandro Struck realise new, revolutionary event concepts. With an experienced network, the event designers turn every creative idea into a perfect event.      The Team

Jochen C. Reichel Idea | Creation

Jochen C. Reichel

Every day for me it is a wonderful challenge and a source of personal happiness that I am able to make a profession out of my passion for creativity, art, music, unusual ideas and presentations. Presenting special, unforgettable moments for my clients and guests is a vocation. And then experiencing together with them their goose pimples, tears of joy and pure emotions and being applauded for my work is for me the greatest incentive for new ideas.

Soenke Keller Incentives | Destination Scouting …

Soenke Keller

While travelling around the world for almost three years, I gained a wide range of experience, especially in the field of event tourism. I therefore have international experience and have consciously specialised in incentives. In addition, I take care of the strategic planning of events and find that certain something to make your event an unforgettable occasion for everyone there.

Sandro Struck Consulting | Conception

Sandro Struck

The conception and realisation of events always played a great role for me during my studies and in my first jobs in various countries. The conception, strategic planning and complex implementation of events have now become my main tasks. For the presentation of unusual event ideas I am a member of the ideal team, from the dress rehearsal to the final performance.

Stefan Stranz Architecture | Planning

Stefan Stranz

For me, there is nothing greater than building houses or a whole event-town out of many event components. Whether it’s in a greenfield, directly on water or inside multifarious locations - every time it excited me all over again to realize event ideas and concepts in an elaborate way together with hand-picked and diverse contractors. Precise planning from the beginning, including 3D-illustrations, perfect timings of the production and procedure plans as well as coordination and execution on sight are my strengths, which our customers can rely on at any time.

Marlies Struck Front Office | Accounting

Marlies Struck

Johanna Pelikan Catering | Guest Relations

Johanna Pelikan

Milan Wittpohl Digital Solutions

Milan Wittpohl

Hermine Denk Planung | Beratung

Hermine Denk

Sara Helms Planung | New York Loft

Sara Helms

Sunny Property management | NY Loft


New York Loft

The Location

New York Loft: The World of Events is our Home.

Metropolises, Trends and Events by REICHEL have one thing in common. They live the energetic spirit, link individuality and exclusivity and are the impulse for something new. These harmonies are the basis of the New York Loft and serve as the drivers for lively event concepts. Your Event at the New York Loft? Learn more

Our references are worth reading.

From the idea to the concept to the implementation – a successful event comprises many facets and is consummated with the memories that last.

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On the foundation of his firm, we commissioned Jochen Reichel and his team to organise the VNW Salon, which is the evening event of the VNW Conference, the biggest congress in the housing sector in Germany. They did not disappoint us.

The organisation: Events by REICHEL is characterised by reliability, ideas and organisational flexibility in difficult situations. The direct contact with artists, the professional “thinking” and the detailed feasibility study of the location are USPs that relive me as an organiser and give me a feeling of security. “That will be OK – I can rely on them”.

The human element: the chemistry works. Working together is fun, everyone works hard, jokes are exchanged and ideas are developed and implemented together.

The product: after two events with Jochen Reichel in 2015 and 2016 we can say: more than 1,000 satisfied and enthusiastic guests testify to his creativity. We are already making plans for 2017. That speaks for his product.“

Dr. Peter Hitpass ( Medien- und Betriebskostenrecht/Veranstaltungen,
Verband norddeutscher Wohnungsunternehmen e.V. )

Dr. Peter Hitpass

On behalf of Mankiewicz, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr Reichel and his team for the outstanding, professional design and implementation of our customer event from October 12th-14th 2016 with our most important global customers and employees. From the concept to the visualisation to the coordination of the activities on site, everything went completely smoothly without a hitch, despite bursts of inclement weather. We felt perfectly taken care of, both at the conference in our building and at the evening event in the port of Hamburg. We had a very positive reaction from our more than 120 guests. Thank you very much!

Andreas Ossenkopf (Executive Managing Director Mankiewicz GmbH & Co. KG)

Andreas Ossenkopf

Working together with Mr Reichel has always been characterised by absolute professionalism and great trust. He has so far organised and implemented all our joint occasions and events in the best possible way. We look forward to holding further events with him in the future.

Carsten Bode (Managing Director Optiker Bode)

Carsten Bode

We thank Mr Reichel and his team for working so precisely and reliably with us in planning and implementing the christening of the CMA CGM GEORG FORSTER on 9 July 2015 in the Hamburg Container Port on Burchardkai. Thanks to the targeted working of the entire team, our naming ceremony with over 500 invited guests became an impressive event for everyone, for both guests and hosts. We were particularly impressed by the flexibility of the team, who immediately reacted to the sudden change in weather and at short notice transformed a planned outdoor event into an indoor version. We look forward to working together again in the future! 

Reinhard Peschel (Managing Director CMA CGM Germany GmbH)

Reinhard Peschel

Jochen Reichel and his likeable team have been our competent and reliable event partners for many years in engaging our artists for the most varied event productions. Thanks to him, our artists from “Stars in Concert” always feel suitably cast and very well cared for, so that we can now look back on many successful – and especially perfectly organised – event productions.

Bernhard Kurz (Managing Director and Producer Stars in Concert GmbH)

Bernhard Kurz

Jochen Reichel understands perfectly how to assume social responsibility and support and promote social projects. I greatly appreciate working with him on such a high professional level.

Dr. Tobias Wollermann (Managing Director The Young ClassX e.V.)

Dr. Tobias Wollermann


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